KIK / Personal Protection Orders

KIK domestic violence network in the Plön region

KIK is the cooperation and intervention project for domestic violence in Schleswig-Holstein. KIK coordinates the work of institutions and centres that deal with domestic violence, e.g. the judiciary, general social services, the police, women’s support centres and refuges, children and young people’s aid centres, work with perpetrators, specialist services for migrants, health care services and other institutions.

How does KIK work?

The institutions that deal with domestic violence discuss the practicalities of cooperations, streamline processes and exchange information and experiences. These networks are managed by regional coordinators, who work with the state coordination centre – which is located in the Ministry of Justice – to ensure that the measures are implemented and new challenges met. The aim of the project is to ensure that survivors of domestic violence are better protected and that the perpetrators face legal consequences.

The coordinator for the Plön region is Andrea Langmaack (04342) 30 99 39

If you would like to support KIK or join the KIK network, have any questions regarding the network or require domestic violence training course, please get in touch.

The support centre in Plön is a registered advice centre in accordance with section §201a Wegweisung (personal protection orders).

For more information, please also visit the website of the State of Schleswig-Holstein.