The “über arbeiten” programme

Counselling services for recipients of SGB II state benefits

This service is aimed at women who would like to start working and who require support and orientation aid along this path. Our services here include answering questions concerning SGB II state benefits, helping to improve the personal situation, providing information about training and apprenticeship programmes, help with writing applications and looking for vacancies that suit the individual’s skills and ability to work.

Counselling takes place in a series of one-on-one sessions and is tailored to meet the individual’s needs. In small steps, we work to identify targets that can be gradually incorporated into everyday life and which empower. An in-depth analysis of the personal and professional qualifications provides structure and a foundation from which to tackle change processes. Stability and security are key pillars in the counselling sessions. Applications for further training measures, help with looking for a suitable therapy are also part of the counselling process.

Building trust through creativity

The group programme for SGB II state benefits recipients is aimed at women who want to build and expand their social skills, and who in a group have the opportunity to discuss and reflect on their career aims. Each woman is given the scope and opportunity to work through her own personal issues. The use of creative media (painting pictures, making collages, working with clay, relaxation and visualisation exercises) allows the group’s members to work together in an atmosphere of trust. The “unspeakable” can be expressed non-verbally. Artistic engagement with the group’s members is a valuable way of dealing with and overcoming traumatic experiences. Art can be very empowering and it can be a source or self-confidence and strength, as well as a language in which experiences can be expressed.

The counselling programme is designed to meet the individual needs of women who receive SGB II state benefits. The service is free of charge and is recognised by the Kiel Jobcenter.